I have a thinkpad x201 laptop installed ubuntu, and have a windows 7 desktop neighbor it, sometimes I’d like working on both of them but it’s really hard to remind myself which one I am working on, after a little digging, here comes the awesome tool: synergy

Basically it’s using your wi-fi connection to share your keyboard & mouse(one computer act as server, the other act as client), so I configured the synergy.conf in my Ubuntu box like the following:

#Should using the recognized computer name, otherwise please using ip
section: screens
section: links
    right = desktop
    left = x201

Install synergy on Ubuntu by using:

apt-get install synergy

After installing synergy on Windows, double click synergy, select “use another computer’s shared keyboard and mouse(client)” and filled the computer name/ip
Run the following command at Ubuntu terminal:

# using -f to force run it foreground for debugging
synergys --config ~/synergy.conf

That’s it, now I can even copy the text from Windows desktop and paste on my Ubuntu, how cool is that!