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In Microsoft Test Manager 2012(MTM 2012) there is a pretty good feature that you can change the default screenshot annotation tool(mspaint.exe) to a custom one(which in this case will be Greenshot, my favorite), but there are some tricks to reach the goal:

  1. Download and install the newest version of Greenshot(http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenshot/files/latest/download)
  2. Open MTM 2012, click on Test tab -> Do Exploratory Testing
  3. Then click “Explore” button
  4. Then click on the little setting icon on the bottom-right corner
  5. Finished the configuration in “Change settings” popup window
  6. Configure the “Destination” setting in Greenshot
  7. Done, now you can use Greenshot as the default annotation tool for screenshot which captured by MTM 2012